The Amazing Benefits of Vitamin E

The Amazing Benefits of Vitamin E

Vitamin E, or tocopherol, is one of the many nutrients that our bodies need and consume on a daily basis. Made up of eight different forms, vitamin E is fat-soluble, meaning that it is stored in the body, and used only as needed. Why do you need vitamin E? The seemingly endless list of benefits might surprise you. The benefits include preventing type-1 and type-2 diabetes, controlling blood sugar levels, reducing the risks of certain cancers and neurological diseases, promoting muscle growth, and slowing down the skin aging process. Fortunately, vitamin E is found naturally in certain foods, such as nuts, sunflower seeds, oil, and corn. It can also be ingested as a supplement. Ironically, in spite of all the benefits and wide-ranging prevalence in many popular foods, it’s one of the most overlooked vitamins.


It’s Great For Your Brain

It should come as no surprise that vitamin E can improve your ability to think, but did you know that it also has the ability to cure and prevent neurological diseases? Several recent studies have shown that an increase in vitamin E supplements can prevent Alzheimer’s disease. It doesn’t stop there – higher levels of vitamin E in an Alzheimer’s patient have also been shown to significantly slow the progression of the disease. This is a revolutionary breakthrough, as with more than 5 million Americans currently suffering from this debilitating illness the odds are high that you at least know someone who may be suffering from the disease.


It Promotes Muscle Growth

In recent years, vitamin E supplements have become increasingly popular within the bodybuilding and fitness communities. Each cell in your body contains a plasma membrane, which has the ability to be torn during strenuous or long periods of exercise. Vitamin E helps promote the healing of plasma membrane, ultimately speeding up the repair of the cells and furthering muscle growth. In other words, if your vitamin E intake levels are high enough, you’ll be able to get back to training specific muscles quicker as you won’t necessarily have to devote as much time to resting. That means more muscle, faster!


It Does Wonders For Your Skin

Gym goers aren’t the only ones who can reap the plentiful benefits of vitamin E. In most skincare lotions and creams available over the counter today, you’ll find vitamin E listed as one of the main ingredients. Why? This is because vitamin E is an antioxidant. The core purpose of an antioxidant is to remove free radicals, which are unstable compounds that damage the cell structure.


Various studies have shown that vitamin E can help slow down the cell aging process, as well as protect skin cells from different types of damage. When absorbed by the epidermis layer of skin, vitamin E can be used to heal painful sunburns and protect from harsh sunrays. It has also been widely used as a cure for acne, scars, and wrinkles, because the healing properties can help speed up cell regeneration. So the next time you engage in some sun therapy and soak in all those vitamin D sunrays, you’ll be doing yourself a favor if you supplement that with some vitamin E intake. This way you can gain that healthy glow without the ample risk of damaging your skin.



With all of these amazing health benefits, it’s astonishing that vitamin E isn’t as popular in the mainstream culture as other types of vitamins. With that said, it’s also important to note that high doses of vitamin E can be toxic, and you should not exceed more than 1,000 IUs per day, unless under the care of your physician. However, in general, supplementing it into your diet is not only safe, but also incredibly beneficial to you and your health.




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